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Looking for my next
to make a change.
The digital way.

This is me

I am an Entrepreneur, Tech Enthusiast and Digital Nomad who was born and brought up the historical city of Kolkata. After completing my schooling in the city, I relocated to Bhubaneswar where I did my Bachelors of Technology in Civil Engineering from KIIT University. After a brief stint of two years in the Middle East, I came back to India and pursued my MBA from the prestigious Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. During the final years of my Masters, I founded two technology startups.

I am also a certified Digital Transformation expert from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

Entrepreneurship  Innovation 
Financial Management 

 Technology   Engineering

Social Media    Fundraising  


I advise Startups
and Entrepreneurs in Digital Transformation

I believe the path to diversity is through entrepreneurship and not employment. It is eminent that everyone has ideas, but the challenge is going from idea to launching a new business and from that to grow into a successful one. The hard truth is that the problem within the community is that there’s a knowledge gap and that people just need some help to bring their ideas to reality. I and my team are present in a dedicated manner to being a resource for entrepreneurs and our company is dedicated to giving entrepreneurs the resources and support they need to become successful.

Starting from ideation till the launch of the product we stand beside the Startup and help them grow.

Some of my


Below you will find some of the ventures I am a part of .

Usin Technologies
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